Dear 2021, you look great!

Jan 4, 2021

Starting the new year with the same enthusiasm and energy.

The new year is the perfect time to take stock of past accomplishments and prepare for future challenges. People may have plans to stop smoking, exercise more frequently, or finally going to their dream travel destination. In De-RISC, our team’s plans for 2021 consist of continuing focusing our efforts on the evolution of this exciting project. 

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year for all of us; however, despite the circumstances, De-RISC Project has continued with the same energy and has accomplished great achievements: the completion of WP1, the fulfillment of 7 deliverables, or the first anniversary of the project. With that in mind, our team wants to cheer for all the opportunities we are receiving and all the great perspectives for this upcoming year.

By the end of the year, our team was able to have the first prototype of the XtratuM Hypervisor running in the De-RISC platform. The technical work is progressively moving towards and the validation activities have just started. Seems like our project is taking shape! Additionally, during this past year, the full consortium has met several times and attended a bunch of events even it was virtually!

Caption: Hello World of the first prototype of XtratuM Hypervisor running on De-RISC platform.

For this upcoming year, our team would like to keep working on our project and continue achieving its success. We are ready to make this year as good as last one and to complete our work in the most efficient way possible to make De-RISC grow. The effort of our team during these next months will be focused on finishing Work Packages 2 and 3, and focusing in WP4, the validation part of De-RISC.

As part of our communication and dissemination plan, we hope to share some publications, appear in different media and continue attending different events (hopefully face-to-face). Will we see you in any of them? Deliverables and progress meetings will also be major activities for this period, and these will be shared in our website in order to keep you in the loop! As you see, this 2021 is full of work for our team with one unique objective: making De-RISC succeed!

De-RISC consortium during a virtual meeting.

Once again, we would like to thanks our team members for all the effort and enthusiasm they offer every day to make our project work.

Welcome, 2021!