De-RISC’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is a panel of external experts who support the project with their technical background and expertise in different industrial domains. It is composed of high profile industrial professionals who were proposed by the project’s Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly. 


The IAB members are selected by the Executive Board in order to meet the following main objectives:

To refine the product/market fit of De-RISC solution
To offer contributions and recommendations from other application domains
To build a strong industrial focus within the project

The role of the IAB is to provide oral and written feedback on the project’s technical requirements and connect them with the actual necessities of the space industry. It will also offer useful input to the discussion around the issues that need to be addressed from an industry-based perspective. 

During the whole project duration, 3 IAB meetings are planned to take place in order to provide a platform in which feedback about the progress of the project will be provided from an industry point of view.

The De-RISC’s Industrial Advisory Board members are:

Gianluca Furano, On-board Computer Engineer at ESA.
Pierre Morere, Software Engineer at AOS (Airbus OneWeb Satellites). 
Julien Galizzi, On-board Software Engineer at CNES.
Philip Harris, Group Leader – Networks & Embedded Systems at Collins Aerospace.
Raúl Regada, Product Manager at Thales Alenia Space.