The goals of De-RISC are as follows:

G1: to become European leaders in the supply of an Integrated Modular Avionics HW and SW platform.
G2: to reduce the gap between Europe and USA in real-time embedded processors technology and in the SW support of mixed-criticality systems in general and of critical aerospace systems in particular.
G3: to setup a new and widely accepted Open Source ISA for the embedded market in Europe after the slowing down of innovations taking place in the SPARC open architecture, thus capitalizing on the economy of scale.

These goals will be achieved by implementing the following objectives:

O1: Establish baseline system-on-chip multicore platform. It contributes to goal G2.
O2: Introduce support for incremental software verification. It contributes to goal G2.
O3: Develop prototype board with a short path to flight board. It contributes to goals G1, G2 and G3.
O4: Port state-of-the-art hypervisor software to the new hardware platform and perform the activities required to certify it. It contributes to goals G1 and G3.
O5: Perform radiation testing of the HW/SW platform developed. It contributes to goals G1, G2, G3.
O6: Establish and market the hardware and the software platforms and introduce an integrated platform for the space and for the aeronautical industries with a TRL 8. It contributes to goal G1.

The core innovation and novelty of De-RISC lies on the technical side. Taking a successful open ISA from the commercial market and introducing it for space has already been done in Europe with the SPARC architecture and we aim to repeat again this success story with RISC-V. The innovation and novelty of this proposal rather lies in the introduction of innovative multicore technologies and bleeding edge commercial technology into existing space platforms, making them also suitable for the avionics domain. This will allow users to migrate to a new ISA without having to forego a major benefit of the SPARC architecture in today’s European space, which is the possibility of (qualified) software reuse.