De-RISC participates in OBDP

Jun 22, 2021

Last weekDe-RISC consortium participated in the 2nd European Workshop on On-Board Data Processing (OBDP 2021) during a fully virtual session.

From 14th to 17th June, several participants attended this workshop bringing together experts from the European space agencies, industry and academia providing a forum for discussion, and a chance to interface with other professionals in the field.

This event was organized by CNES, DLR and ESA and it represents an unmissable opportunity for any on-board processing-focused organization due to its increasing interest in the last years, generating new methods and techniques, such as the in-flight demonstration of artificial intelligence techniques. OBDP had a very complete programme scheduled in different sessions and outstanding invited talks, which built a very fruitful atmosphere for its attendees.

On June 17th, our consortium member Jimmy LeRhun, from Thales Research and Technology, introduced De-RISC during the Advances in On-Board Processing Architectures session in a presentation called “De-RISC: Launching RISC-V into space”.  In this 20-minute session, Jimmy outlined an important challenge faced by mission-critical computers: the ability to scale the processing performance, while maintaining a high level of dependability in a harsh environment. The audience got engaged with the project and asked several questions which our software engineer kindly answered, creating a good discussion among the audience.

The session was a complete success with almost 100 attendants who appreciated the great value of De-RISC.

Thanks a lot for your commitment!!