7th progress meeting in De-RISC

Jul 9, 2021

On July 8th, all partners from De-RISC consortium attended the 7th progress meeting of the project to discuss the progress made in the last months. All work package leaders shared all the advances and results obtained during this quarter. 

The full consortium started the presentations of the work packages with the work done in WP2 and WP4, in which many improvements in the Hardware Platform Integration and its validation were done, achieving a great coordination and synergy between Cobham Gaisler and Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

fentISS proceeded with the WP3 presentation showing the recent updates on the software requirements such as the testing o XNG on the newly released bitstream supporting C/H extensions. Thales Research and Technology also made updates on the use-case definition and implementation and, after that, the full consortium had the chance to know more about the three use cases and its progress.

After that, WP5 was presented in order to show the results in the dissemination and communication area, which are being developed very positively. The events are a very important aspect in this work package and the consortium is currently preparing its participation in the Space Computing Conference in August.

De-RISC consortium during the 7th progress meeting

Finally, the management work package was covered, confirming the recent approval of the first reporting period of the project.

All members of the consortium collaborated and participated in the good development of this meeting. The next one will be in October 2021, matching with the second anniversary of this H2020 project.

Thanks to all the team members for taking the time to share their progress.

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