The partners of De-RISC take an active role in RISC-V International activities related to Safety.

Jul 16, 2021

As the De-RISC project is a Community Member of RISC-V International, in addition to BSC, Cobham Gaisler and Thales being strategic or community members, the consortium takes part in several technical working groups and special interest groups within the non-profit association.

In particular, the partners are active in the Functional Safety special interest group (SIG-Safety). Led by Thales and NVIDIA and initiated in March 2020, this community focuses on the identification and definition of processor features useful or required for the implementation of safety mechanisms in various critical applications. The community includes experts from different domains such as aeronautics, space, automotive, railway, industrial systems, RTOS vendors, and academia.

After first establishing a common definition of safety principles and common mechanisms, the community detailed a blueprint of desired safety attributes such as error management, performance monitoring, cache control, etc. The focus is currently in the redaction of a comprehensive whitepaper, in order to advocate the usefulness of each of those safety features.

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