Getting ready for the validation work package

Oct 8, 2020

The validation work package (WP4) starts this month with Cobham Gaisler as lead beneficiary

After one year since the project kicked off, De-RISC continues its progress and reaches a new stage: the beginning of the validation work package. This set of tasks will last until the very end of the project and will involve the active participation of the four partners of the consortium.

WP4 has as main goal the definition of the strategy for validation of the hardware and software products, including the space prequalification of the platform. During the evolution of this work package, three public documents will be delivered to the European Commission and these will be available for download after EC approval.

Cobham Gaisler (CG) is the lead beneficiary of the validation work package

Building on its experience validating similar systems, Cobham Gaisler will be in charge of this process and will also perform radiation validation of the design. Validation activities will comprise unit testing, integration testing and system testing. Additionally, the phases followed in the ECSS software and hardware engineering standards will be adopted in the project.

A proper validation process is crucial in De-RISC, as it ensures the quality of the platform which will finally help in achieving commercialization objectives. The consortium and, specifically Cobham Gaisler, will be checking that the De-RISC platform meets specifications and fulfills its purpose in order to achieve the European leadership in the supply of an Integrated Modular Avionics HW and SW platform.

Stay tuned!